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Business Principles

An ingenious thinker, spiritual lover, and person of stability, Carolyn Rafaelian is undoubtedly making her mark. As the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of ALEX AND ANI, Rafaelian has actually harnessed her strong service sense and magnificent artistic vision to grow a business that she describes as a lifestyle. Named Ernst & Young's New England Entrepreneur of the Year and SBA RI Small Business Person of the Year in 2012, Rafaelian is a force of favorable energy building a business with a conscience. A guiding light and perpetual inspiration, Rafaelian is living evidence that anything is possible with hard work and a little positive energy.

We produce meaningful, eco-conscious jewelry and accessories to favorably empower and link humanity. We share a passion for the wellbeing of our planet, our communities, and our private courses. ALEX AND ANI items are proudly developed and crafted in America and made with love.

What Is Positive Energy?

ALEX AND ANI items are instilled with positive energy. Ancients described this precious energy as "chi" and "prana," whereas modern-day science refers to it as vital force. It is the natural energy that supports life.

How Does ALEX AND ANI Utilize The Power Of Positive Energy?

We accept the power of positive energy as our core business belief. Each item is infused with positive energy in 3 crucial methods. Second, the signs included in our designs bring their own energy and are accompanied by thoughtfully crafted and diligently investigated significance.

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