Cork be Dammed!

CORK, BE DAMNED! As wine enthusiasts, it's happened to all of us (as well as if it hasn't happened to you ... you typically aren't consuming alcohol enough wine). You're all set to draw the cork out of a container of wine and also only part of it comes out.

I'm pretty sure this is the single worst cork I've ever removed from a container of wine. As well as a serious competitor for the most significant stack of debris.

Quelle horreur!

After the initial 16 pieces, I saw this as a genuine as well as credible hazard to my wine-opening skills and decided this cork would not beat me. It took me 20 mins to coax this stack of cork dust and debris from the container. I aimed to press the cork into the bottle, yet it wouldn't move (seriously, is this thing super-glued into the bottle??). There was some instead inelegant language. And I took into consideration utilizing the full container to christen my driveway.

More coaxing and more inelegant language. Then ultimately ... the cork was out!

I win !!

But, I did not have a great feeling about the wine. I felt like I was about to pour a fifty-dollar bill down the drain.

Please don't scent like a damp pet dog in a moldy basement.
Please do not smell like a damp canine in a musty cellar.
Please don't scent like a damp pet dog in a moldy cellar.

I decanted the wine through a filter (nobody likes chunkies in their wine). And after that I put it back via the little strainer on my Vinturi right into my wine glass. I stuck my nose into the glass, as well as prepared for the worst.

Divine Mother of Bacchus!! This wine scents ... good. [Pause to taste] This wine is out-DAMN-standing!

One of the very best Tempranillos I've had in current memory. Simply a wonderful container of wine.

I even had the existence of (surprised) mind to take a seat as well as create a sampling note that evening:

A great debris (the leftovers that didn't filter out after two passes with my strainers) sticks around, however I do not care. I could go on, yet I just want to drink it now.

I really did not open this container a moment ahead of time ... yet it was wonderful!

Certainly this was a super-dry cork. Which is weird, because this container had actually been saved in my basement, on its side, given that I acquired it.

The moral of my tale? Don't evaluate a container by its cork. The problem of a cork can foreshadow a wine gone bad, the only means to recognize for certain is to taste the wine.


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