Fashion Hack Tip- Jewelry

Tip #1 - We consider ourselves hack specialists of sorts-- whether it's fixing scuffed boots or handling those ultra-annoying knots that form in your necklaces, we're always delighted to share the easy fixes. After all, our goal is to empower you to be the best version of yourself-- which, we understand in addition to anybody, can be an obstacle as life gets busy.
So, as a follow-up to our previous posts detailing a lots of hacks that will assist you tidy, upgrade, and organize your wardrobe, we did some digging to come up with much more under-the-radar hacks you've most likely never ever heard before. However do not let the fact they're new to you trigger doubt; these techniques are game-changers. From how to utilize vodka in your closet (yes, actually) to the genius way to wash silk at home, we've got you.
Use the item 409 to eliminate lipstick spots

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